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We now have around 200 students and apprentice from Hamburg who accept and complete assignments via Vanti-Helfer. We divide our helpers into different categories, depending on what they can best help with. An IT student, for example, can easily help you set up your new printer or Wi-Fi, whereas a skilled apprentice would be happy to help you assemble your new furniture. The possibilities are as diverse as the helpers themselves - and the goal of even better neighbourhood help, where you always have someone at hand when you need them, is getting a lot closer!


That's the price for our help

Depending on the difficulty of the task, you usually compensate the helper with around 12€ - 18€ per hour.

The placement of the job, our search, the customer support, the operation of the platform, costs a one-time fee of 20€. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.