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Support from people to people.

Hey! I'm Severin, the founder of Vanti-Helfer.com

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a very helpful person and have always enjoyed helping my neighbours or classmates. When I turned 19, I noticed how many more people actually have everyday problems that they can't handle themselves or that take a lot of time and then have to order expensive craftsmen and specialists.

Since for me, for example, things like drilling holes into a bookshelf or changing a lamp etc. are very simple, but for others it takes hours, I started to think about how this problem could be solved - after all, I can't help everyone myself.

This led to the idea of getting friends from apprenticeships or students on board, who can even earn a little extra money in the process. The cool thing about it is that we now have over 200 helpers in Hamburg and each one is really good at something different. So we find solutions for many problems - sometimes a little faster, sometimes it takes a little longer to find someone, but in any case there is no waiting time of 3 months like with many craftsmen nowadays - and it is also much cheaper.

You only pay a small one-time fee for placing an order. You negotiate the salary for the helper directly in advance.

We do our best to complete as many jobs as possible quickly, but above all to your complete satisfaction.

We look forward to your request!

Best greetings

Founder of Vanti-Helfer.com

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